Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So I married a Superhero

I just got off the phone with Laura, Lucas's wife--she told me that he is gone this week (at some training course) and will be leaving again next week for a trip overseas, how long he will be gone, she doesn't know. We had a good laugh--I am certainly grateful that I have made friends with her because at least I have someone to commiserate with about our "lifestyle." How on earth did we end up married to men like this?!!! It is kind of crazy sometimes, but well worth it in the end. Wives like us have some serious bragging rights, not that we can brag about it to anyone.

I am not sure any wife can be fully prepared to live like this, regardless of how well prepared she might think she is, how independent and organized she is, how self-sufficient. I think it always comes as a shock, even to those of us who others consider to be "strong." No woman goes into marriage expecting her husband to take a job like this, even if she is fully aware of what skills he possesses. No little girl dreams of marrying her knight in shining armor to have him racing off all the time--I guess that's one of the things I need to make sure I add to my growing "What Your Girlfriends Forgot to Tell You About Marriage" collection. When you marry a superhero, he is gone. A lot.

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