Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Slow dancing with Ophelia

I guess this is my first time really, having to deal with the anxiety of having a loved one in the direct path of a hurricane--my mom's sister lives dead center of where Ophelia is predicted to make landfall. And Ophelia, well she is another thing altogether. Just like a woman, she can't make up her mind, she is a simmering cauldron, plotting and planning and just taking her sweet time. I don't mean to be dispariging towards Ophelia or women, but her name is entirelyapproriate. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

Today is my mom's birthday--57 years! When we talked this morning, she told me about her goals for her 60th birthday and I went "WAAAAAIIIIIIIITTTT just one minute! You aren't going to be sixty for another...oh my gosh you are going to be 60 in three more years!!!!!!" Hearing that makes me confront my own mortality in a way I guess. Knowing my mom is going to be 60 makes me...old. Seriously, the last time I was really aware of my mom's age was when she turned 40--where did the intervening years go?

I got a phone call from Sandy in the office today. She was just calling to check up on me and the family and to make sure we were all doing well. We actually had a great talk and she mentioned that she had a friend who was going to the main office near where you are and might be able to get something into you for me. I told her I could whip up some toffee lickety-split for you. She will call me tomorrow and let me know if it is possible or not. I told her about my plans for school and she thought it was a great idea seeing as how your first few assignments aren't going to be very "plum" and that you were most likely going places that I neither could go or would want to go. She asked me what my degree will be in and I told her and she said, "Oh wow! Are you going to apply here when you are done? You would get snapped up in a heartbeat, especially since your husband works here to!"

I need to go kid wrangle and get Matthew to Cub Scouts. I will post some pictures later.

Much love to you.

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