Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Book of Life

We had an amazing time today at the office. The displays were beyond cool, the museum was absolutely fascinating, the food was great, and we got to see the boss's office which was really cool. We were able to see all kinds of nifty toys and doo-dads, and got to take home lots of loot too!

Perhaps the most moving part though was the wall. As I stood there, it was hard to take in what it truly meant, for our country, for our families, more importantly for the families of those represented. I had such a sense of overwhelming gratitude-- actually those paltry words don't even begin to cover the emotion I felt. Even now, it is difficult to assign words to the emotions. After trying to envision it for so long, it more than exceeded my imagination. When Lucas pointed out some of the more recent entries, chills ran up my arms and my heart fairly skipped a beat. I felt as if I had been priveledged enough to gaze for a moment at a few pages of the Book of Life.

"Oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife/Who more than self their country love, And mercy more than life!" --Katherine Lee Bates

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