Monday, October 25, 2010

Five Pillars

This is Mr. Amazing Man's sister's turn of the century farm house, nestled amongst more modern abodes in Spanish Fork.  His sister is pretty darn cool. As are all of his sisters.  Collectively all of the women in his family call themselves the Miss Fitts. We think we are hilarious.

Virginia creeper. In Utah. Funny story: She had been tearing that out of her flower bed till I told her, "No, no! It's lovely in the fall - train it to grow up that pillar there." She did. And it is lovely in the fall.  That's not that funny of a story after all, is it?

His sister knows how to do things up proper for a holiday.  I love these ghosts. I know when they make their annual appearance, Christmas will soon be here.

One of these scarecrows won a contest there in Spanish Fork. Or maybe both of them did. If not, they both should have. 

See that black thing back in the left hand side of the screen? That's the garden bong. The Samoan and the garden bong are the cause of many a fine gastronomical delights at Five Pillars.

I miss my family. I miss eating dinner with them outside, cozied up around the tables as Manda reads questions off of Trivial Pursuit cards. She is one smart cookie. I hardly ever get questions right but she does all the time. Just a hint: Never go up against her when playing Jeopardy. She will win. Every time.

Welcome.  Yes indeed, all are welcome at Five Pillars.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Professor's "Illustrated Pop-Up Guide of Extreme Disasters", Part I

So the Professor came to me yesterday with a book idea. The title of the book, "The Illustrated Pop-Up Guide of Extreme Disasters." Here's what he has done so far:

A railroad track, on fire. After being blown to pieces and a part of it washed away by a river.

A bunch of small fires that become one big fire with so much smoke you can't see anything at all.

An electricity storm. The brown things are the transformer stations and the yellow is all of the electricity flying through the air between the transformers.

A bomb that lands in the ground.

A "thing" of exploding poison gas.

The house catching fire because of a firestorm in the sky.

 And dynamite. Lots and lots of dynamite. (He has been making these and will stealthily sneak into the room, put one on my desk, and then make a made dash for the door as he giggles uncontrollably. It's hilarious).

This morning he told me he has a few more disasters he needs to illustrate before he starts working on the pop-up parts of the book. "Like what, son?"

"Oh, you know. Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and a plane falling out of the sky. Stuff like that. But don't worry mom, everyone in the plane will have a parachute so they are OK."

Oh. Everyone has a parachute? That's great, son.

Dear Gentle Readers: 

I do not know from whence springs this recent fixation with disasters of all kinds.  I am working hard to subvert the  Jungian psychologist in me so as to not over-analyze it all. I think it might have to do with all of the museums we went to over the last week.  

Much love, M.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Captain Knuckle Gets a Life

Captain Knuckle earned his Life rank! What a proud mama am I. What a lucky mama am I. How on earth did I get lucky enough to win the parenting lottery with this kid? And when did he get so stinkin' tall?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name

Penelope Rose is also known as  Ms. Squish.

Baby Sister.

Princess P.


 Little Penny.

But the one I love most of all is Gorgeous. That's what her daddy calls her.