Monday, October 25, 2010

Five Pillars

This is Mr. Amazing Man's sister's turn of the century farm house, nestled amongst more modern abodes in Spanish Fork.  His sister is pretty darn cool. As are all of his sisters.  Collectively all of the women in his family call themselves the Miss Fitts. We think we are hilarious.

Virginia creeper. In Utah. Funny story: She had been tearing that out of her flower bed till I told her, "No, no! It's lovely in the fall - train it to grow up that pillar there." She did. And it is lovely in the fall.  That's not that funny of a story after all, is it?

His sister knows how to do things up proper for a holiday.  I love these ghosts. I know when they make their annual appearance, Christmas will soon be here.

One of these scarecrows won a contest there in Spanish Fork. Or maybe both of them did. If not, they both should have. 

See that black thing back in the left hand side of the screen? That's the garden bong. The Samoan and the garden bong are the cause of many a fine gastronomical delights at Five Pillars.

I miss my family. I miss eating dinner with them outside, cozied up around the tables as Manda reads questions off of Trivial Pursuit cards. She is one smart cookie. I hardly ever get questions right but she does all the time. Just a hint: Never go up against her when playing Jeopardy. She will win. Every time.

Welcome.  Yes indeed, all are welcome at Five Pillars.

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