Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am sitting here, emotionally bruised, not feeling like I can take one more punch. Wasted, worn out, wrecked. And just to make sure I get the point, as I type this the sun goes dark, covered by the looming thunderstorms.

When will I ever get over her? Why can't I just quit her?

Welcome, Hobbes!

Sitting on my shoulder right now & partially snuggled up under my chin sits the most adorable marmalade orange tabby cat that I have every encountered. He is the last remaining kitten from a litter of five that was born on my back porch exactly two months ago. His mama abandoned him when he was only 9 days old, not that I blame her considering how the neighbors insisted on harassing them at every turn.

At any rate, we brought them in and bottle fed them all. My neighbor took two of them and I raised the other three. Jack now lives with another neighbor, William is with Mr. Amazing Man's mom, and we decided to keep Hobbes.

And I am so glad we did. (Pictures full of adorable kitten cuteness to follow).