Monday, September 26, 2005

How did 4 days sneak by me?

I need to go get Matthew up for school, but I realized I haven't posted for a while! Where did the time go this weekend? Matthew and I had a reasonably pleasant weekend together, though the house is in serious need of being rescued. That's my big project for this morning. I have already worked out this morning, so I can check that off my list of "parade of daily activities."

I made cookies for Lucas and Laura yesterday and took them over. Seems like Lucas is a little under the weather, but as usual, he is in good spirits. I am very grateful that we got to know them and that they are such cool people. I told them they need to start working on their neighbors to get one of them to move so that when I am done with school we can live next door to them. I love the area that they are in and the location right there by the park. It would still be in the same stake as well, which would be really nice--I wouldn't have to start over completely, just in a new ward.

Time to go be a mom. I love you.

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