Saturday, March 05, 2011

I done et some, it wuz good.

I am such a mean mom.

I require my son to earn money and then save some of it for his mission and college. He already has a sizable chunk saved (for a 14-year old). However, he has been slacking off on his savings these last two months. Right now, he needs to be saving $64 a month to meet the long term goal.

The other night, we talked about his savings-slacking behavior. We agreed that to continue having cell phone/DSI/Wii privileges, he needed to come up with a plan to earn that amount, based on the list of "Money Jobs" we have posted on the refrigerator. (Yes, I am that  Mom - I don't just hand the kids money, even though we might have it. They have to earn it. Cruel, cruel, cruel mommy.)

He came up with what I think is a brilliant plan. Do all the windows weekly. Change all the sheets on the beds in the house every week (and launder the dirty ones).  Sweep the front porch and deck every week. And here's the best one: Make bread.*

Yes, that bread in the picture above - that is his handiwork.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this kid. 

*These are in addition to his normal "Because you live here and I am not your maid" chores like keeping his room clean, doing all of his own laundry, keeping his bathroom "Mom clean" (as opposed to "Dad clean"), garbage duty, making dinner weekly, clearing the table. etc.

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Theodore said...

Making a much promising young baker waste time as a missionary. Is there no end to all this evil? :)

Teddy, thinking about adding
"Working in Faerie Land , With Utah Always On My Mind" to his blog,...