Thursday, March 03, 2011

Coming Up For Air

I am 28 days away from turning in my dissertation, whether I think it is ready or not. I have looming deadlines I have to meet (40% of my committee is retiring at the end of the semester) and so I have little time for anything else other than writing, thinking, nursing Princess P., and trying to (barely) keep up with the housework too. Gotta love being in a traditional marriage whilst raising three children and trying to write a dissertation too.

I haven't forgotten about my 30 days of truth telling, I am just doing them on my own time.  This next one is all about something I hope I never have to do and I am not sure what to write since it has already happened.  I am just not too keen to write about it here in my happy place, thankyouverymuch. I have other places to do that kind of writing. So until I screw up my courage, I will just let it be.

Plus my daily word allotment is all used up writing my dissertation.

A nifty trick I have discovered is if I paint my nails then put a few nail color drying drops by OPI on them, I can get to typing fairly quickly with no mooshes or dings to the nail color.

Just a little bit of dissertation avoidance behavior. Not much. Just a bit.

At least that's what I keep telling myself.

(Today's post brought to you by Maybelline's Timely Turquoise).

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ms. marginalia said...

I am loving that color!

Keep on writing. You are so close. I remember those days of sleepless nights, incoherence, and worry--and I had no children at the time. Dissertations suck the life out of one, but on the other side of the finish line you will feel so good.

Sending good wishes for brilliance and productivity.