Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Girl I Once Knew

Most people who know me now didn't know me back then and back then I do I say this? I was into the fashion and beauty scene. So much so that I dropped out of high school and went to beauty school.

No, seriously. Stop laughing. I really did. Well, I didn't exactly drop out of high school to go to beauty school, but eventually I did go to beauty school after I had dropped out of high school. Are you thoroughly confused now? So am I. Or at least I was back then. But I didn't really know how confused I was back then but I know it now.

At any rate, I have long adored all things related to being a girl - the hair, the makeup, the nails, the skirts, the ribbons, the perfume. You get the picture. However after my first son came along, that girl took a long vacation. Then along came another boy. Between two boys and flitting around the world of academia, I thought that girl was gone forever.

I am happy to report that with the arrival of Princess Penelope, the girl I once knew is making a comeback.  I had no idea I had missed her (or her love of flamboyant nail color) so much. Next up: Cutting 12" from the hair but that will have to wait until after the dissertation is finished.

P.S. I graduated from beauty school. In fact, it was there that I decided my mind was a terrible thing to waste and within two months of graduating, I had enrolled at the local community college and the rest, as they say, is history.

(This dissertation avoidance moment brought to you by "It's Bouquet With Me" by OPI.)


Owen said...

Its Stacey, not Owen :)

I didn't know this about you!! So fun, I've have the privilege to remain in "girl world"...that's why I majored in theater...I just wanted to play hair with the wigs all day :) Now with 2 little girlies, its a never ending princess party!

So welcome back girlfriend!!

And please please please let me be the one to cut 12 inches!! I find it SO oddly gratifying to do dramatic cuts!

sostinkinhappy said...

Yes, please!

After March 31, I am free free FREE!!! I already have a hair cut I want done - I will come armed with pictures. :)

Stacey said...

If you are interested...I can come to you Saturday the 2nd with my new American citizen of a husband, kids, gluten free waffle mix and sissors in tow :) it can be conference and a cut! I know Owen would love to chat to Mr. Amazing about career stuff and you and Owen can chat brainy PhD stuff and I can I sit and hold Princess P while listening to Bonehead, I mean the Professor (dang it Amanda!) and Sarah wax intellectual :)