Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Saving Dinner One Egg at Time

Some days, it is a breakfast for dinner kind of day. Today would be that kind of day.

I keep meaning to get some pictures of our trip to the gulf posted but then I get busy writing or snuggling a baby girl who has FOUR teeth coming in all at the same time or cleaning or cooking dinner or reading (why must I love to read so much!!???) or sorting through stuff to get ready for our move in 20 days.  I thought it was 21, but it turns out the movers will be here on the 28th not the 29th.  But I promise, I will get some pictures of our vacation up sometime this week.

And I promise I haven't forgotten about the 30 Days of Truth thing either. In fact, Mr. Amazing Man won't let me forget about it - he told me he has been enjoying reading what I write. I guess since this blog is primarily for him, that is a good thing. (Love you, husband.) If he is really lucky, I might even finish my next installment of that 30 Days thing sometime this week as well.

But back to the matter at hand. I am busy - almost as busy as I was during that last push before submitting my dissertation.

So tonight, we had breakfast burritos made from the delicious eggs laid by the free ranging ladies over at Drury Farms. The family gobbled them up and I was able to get back to my aforementioned activities rather quickly.

Three cheers for the incredible, edible egg!

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