Thursday, June 23, 2011

My True Love Hath My Heart

Dear Mr. Amazing Man -

I love you. I cannot even begin to count all the ways and reasons I love you. I want to shout from the rooftops what an amazing (and make-me-weak-in-my-knees-just-by-looking-at-me) man you are to me.

I love you but perhaps what I love most about you is your courageous heart. 

Few men would have the wherewithal to even take on a task a monumental like dating a girl as mercurial and high spirited as the one you ended up with, much less marrying her.  But here you are years and years later. Still married. Still as ridiculously happy as the day we were married.

As am I.

I am ridiculously happy with you. I cannot imagine making my way through life any other way than at your side.

Much love,


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