Friday, April 01, 2011


And this ain't no April Fool's joke either.

My dissertation is really in the hands of my committee. I submitted it yesterday.

Did you catch that? MY dissertation is in the hands of my committee. My DISSERTATION is in the hands of my committee. MY DISSERTATION IS IN THE HANDS OF MY COMMITTEE!!!!!!!!

(Pinch me, is this real?)


AlaModePhotography said...

You're FINISHED!!!!!! No more late nights working instead of sleeping....wait did you get to send you kids to a committee too? No? Oh well, at least your dissertation is done.

sostinkinhappy said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! Too funny.

So...are you guys going to be around in Logan on May 6 at 1:30 p.m. by any chance? It would so fun to have you guys at graduation. I know it is just like a 13-14 hour drive with two small children, but just think of all the FUN (?) you would have!

Risa said...

You must feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. You rock, sista!

sostinkinhappy said...

Oh yes, Marisa, it feels good. But strangely, I have felt a bit adrift...I am not sure what's next and it is a bit unsettling.