Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Conversations with The Professor

Me: Do you know what I am doing tomorrow, son?

The Professor: You are defending yourself.

Me: (Laughing). Well, sort of.  I am going to go tell a bunch of people about my dissertation and then they are going to ask me some questions about it and I have to defend my answers.

The Professor: Oh. So what is your career going to be?

Me: My career is being mom and I love that job more than anything else. I just earned this Ph.D. for fun and entertainment.

The Professor: Entertainment? I don't remember it being funny.

The take away from this conversation with my six-year old son: He doesn't think I had much fun earning this degree and still isn't quite sure what it is that I learned how to "do."

Not to worry, son. Most adults don't understand it either.

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