Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Days of Truth ~ Day 2

Day 2: Something you love about yourself.

Oh man, really

Didn't you read that last post? Can't we talk more about that again?

Hmmmm....does it have to be something I love love about myself or just something I am kind of happy with?

Love love you say? We might be here a while....




Well, I have always loved my hair. I love its unapologetic brunette color. Sure, I can try to make it other colors (and while going to beauty school at Bon Losee back in the day, I tried just about every color out there!) but it always returns to its roots, not pun intended. My hair is happiest a deep dark chocolate brown color (Redken Shades EQ 3N if you must know).  As much as I love my sister's blond locks, I feel like I won the hair lottery.

Pretty vain, eh?

I also love that I read so broadly and so much. It can be said that I collect books like some women collect shoes. The reason I love this is because reading has opened up an entirely new world to me and satisfies the insatiable curiosity in me to always want to know more, to want to know why, and to understand how.  I don't even want to think about the kind of small, narrow woman I would be without my love of reading. I love what it has done to me.


the Lola Letters said...

I love my dark hair too!
I don't even bother trying to color it anymore cause I really just love it the way it is.

Oh, and because I am CHEAP and my natural hair color is FREE!!!! ha ha!

ms. marginalia said...

I have not seen your hair IRL, but I admit I have noticed how luxurious and glossy it appears to be. I don't blame you sister! Love your mane.

I started coloring my hair about two years ago. I really love the color, and I definitely want to color the gray. My nmom told me that both she and her mother were completely gray by 50, so I should be prepared. She colored fr many years and told me she gave up when she was 60 to embrace the gray.

sostinkinhappy said...

ms. marginalia - I have Pureology to thank for the condition of my hair. Man that stuff is amazing!!! EXPENSIVE, but amazing. Actually, when you break it down by per use cost, it is about the same as a cheap store brand because it is sooooooooo concentrated! 1 liter lasts me over 1/2 the year. I don't color my hair all that often (who has time with a nursing baby to care for, a teenager's angst to qualm, an intellectually demanding 6-year old who has to "discuss" every point, and a PhD percolating on the back burner????) but when I *do* manage to find the time, I know exactly what I want - make dark please, no thanks I don't need highlights.

My mama was about 60% gray by the time she was my age but I think that had more to do with the fact she had TWELVE children and a yokel for a husband than anything else. Once she ditched him, the graying slowed down considerably and now she has the most lovely (more) salt than pepper hair. Beautiful with her skin tone.

sostinkinhappy said...

Lola - I love me so cheap and free stuff too but for some reason, I can't seem to do it with my hair. I have tried and tried and tried and TRIED but alas...I am weak. I try to make up for it in other areas and have perfected the fine art of coupons. I live in the land of coupon Nirvana where I can get the Sunday paper on Saturday for .75 and all the stores around here do dollar doubles, triples, and super doubles (will double any coupon up to $2 making it $4 off) all the time. I bring home so much free loot it is comical. So that's how I justify spending more on my hair - not the sanest of reasoning, but hey - I gotta have at least one flaw, right? ;)