Thursday, January 06, 2011

Evolution of Smile

Man, how I love this little creature that has graced our home.  She's nothing short of amazing. And her sends me over the edge every time.

Even sloppy carrot smiles are da bomb, I am telling you. 

And when she gets those pudgy fingers involved in the action, it doesn't get much cuter. Except if you could hear the squeals and giggles and adorable little baby girl sounds she makes - then it gets insanely cute. (P.S. Girls do make way cuter sounds than boys. Sorry, sons. It is true.)

 Then her eyes start to crinkle up around the corners, just like her daddy's do when he smiles. 

And when the belly laughs start to fade, the smile lingers behind in her eyes.


the Lola Letters said...

Oh! She is to die for! What a mug :)
I am so glad you're going to do 30 days of truth! Which blog are you going to post on?

sostinkinhappy said...

Hi there, Lola! I will post my responses over here. One of my resolutions this year is to live a more fully integrated life. Well, here I go!