Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Cookies (Grain Free)

Thank you, Sarah over at The Healthy Home Economist! These cookies are amazing and are certainly going to be a hit with the family (if there are any left by the time they get home!)

And yes, they taste as scrumptious as the recipe sounds.  (I actually added about another cup of almond flour to give them a bit more body.) YUM!

I am already thinking of really great ways to use this cookie recipe for fall desserts around The Happy House.


Anonymous said...

I must make these, they sound delightful! GF is a bonus!

sostinkinhappy said...

Oh yes, Lori - they are very good! Since they are made from a nut flour, they are definitely not sturdy enough for little Penelope though. She demolished the one I gave her and then rubbed it around in her hair.

Anonymous said...

Curious what flours you used. Seems as if I've stocked up on everything except for these... Well, I do have arrowroot flour but can't find blanched almond flour, locally : / Which I hear is the *only* almond flour to use? I'm so new to all this....

sostinkinhappy said...

Lori, I used all almond flour. I get mine online from . Although isn't certified organic, the nuts are not chemically treated. My thinking is because (a) the shell is removed,(b) the hull is blanched off, and (c) we just eat the meat of the nut, it is as good as it gets (without paying $13 - $17 a pound - which is simply out of my budget!!!)

I get the 25# box of almond flour, divide it into smaller amounts and keep the excess in the freezer.

If you don't already follow the blog "elana's pantry," you should! She always has wonderful recipes on their using almond flour.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Yes, Elana's Pantry is where I read that that was the almond flour I need! I am ordering it now! (Wish I had done it last week...)

Stacey said...

Can't wait to try them!! Sarahvieve is still have gastro issues :( we're going grain free for a while since I refuse to let them put her under for a scope and I really hate giving her pills daily...she's on an acid blocker right now. This recipe will be perfect for us!

I really need to call you sometime! I'd love to pick your brain about vaccinations...(insert scary music)

sostinkinhappy said...

And there *should* be scary music, Stacey!!! Guardisil anyone?????

My personal philosophy about immunizations: Yes, we need them - eventually - but no, we don't need them when we are teeny tiny brand new babies. With Princess P., we declined any and all immunizations for the first year and then we have only done one at a time since then. Sure, it will take *a lot* longer to get them, but if there *is* a reaction to one of them, I know exactly which one. Our slow and steady plan allows her to have them all completed before our next assignment, most likely overseas (and I DEFINITELY want my kids immunized before traveling internationally!)

We aren't in a high risk category right now - I am a SAHM, we don't travel much, and the kids don't go to daycare. For us, it has been a good solution. Others eschew them completely and I understand their reasoning, but for our family this is what works.

I hate to fall back on the old standard response, but learn everything you can then pray about it, then act on the promptings. That way you can be assured you are doing what is right for your family, which might be something different from mine.