Monday, May 16, 2011

Simply delicious.

Holy cow, do I ever love this time of year, especially here Virginia. Tonight for Family Home Evening we indulged in a ferry ride across the James River to Surry to pick strawberries.

There were very few other people there, making it ideal for my boys to run up and down the rows with nary a care or word from moi.  The Princess was not too content to sit in her stroller as we all had a good time, so I carried her on my hip as I picked. I must apologize to Farmer Steve because I think she picked a fair number of leaves as I tried to get to the berries (oops).

What these pictures don't capture is the gentle breeze blowing the heady scent of wild rose and honeysuckle across the fields or the warm setting evening sun.

It was simply a delicious way to spend the evening.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the four gallons of fresh berries we picked.


Terra S said...

How much did you spend on picking strawberries? I'm so jealous! I wish we at least had good deals on produce here. Freezing strawberries is good because then you can make fruit smoothies...Strawberry jam is always good too. Enjoy!

sostinkinhappy said...

We paid $8.50/gallon for them, which means roughly $1/pint. Not bad for locally grown organic strawberries!!!! We have already gone though two gallons of them - strawberries & cream for breakfast, strawberries for lunch and snacks, strawberries drinks for dinner, strawberries sliced up in a spinach salad, and fresh strawberry pie for dessert - YUM.

I am thinking the rest will be make into jam and a few frozen berries.