Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some advice

  1. Don't have your major professor's nanny watch your child as well.
  2. Don't loan your extra car to your major professor for 6 months just after you get it registered and insured.
  3. Don't trade your extra car to your major professor's nanny for child care.
The nanny is now telling me that the car won't pass inspection for her to register it in her name and needs about $700 worth of work done on it. passed inspection less than 6 months ago and I have driven it a grand total of 3 times during those months.

I am a little steamed to say the least that she would expect me to shell out the money to fix it, especially when I traded it to her for below fair market value AND I haven't been driving it for the past 6 months--she and my graduate adviser have been driving it. It passed inspection just fine in January. Is it unreasonable of me to feel this way?

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