Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Letter to My Hair

Dear Hair:

I give up. You win.

I can no longer fight against what is and what has always been, particularly in the face of all this humidity.

You are curly. I could sort of pretend you weren't when I lived in drier climes, but here in the Gulf Coast? Not so much.

Every day since I moved here you have screamed at me, "Give it up, girl! Put down the flat iron and round brush and just walk away."

So today, you win.  Instead of trying to slick back the curly escapees and pin down the naughty waves, you can have at it.

Much love,



Desi said...

I want to see your curls...I have stick straight hair and always wanted some natural curl. Both of my daughters have curly hair and at least the oldest one wants straight. Why is it that we always seem to want what we don't have?

Katie F said...

I also have curly hair, and it's the only way I can wear my hair in SC. I tried to straighten it a few times but within a few hours I looked like a white girl with an afro. My straightener has since gone into the trashcan haha.

Monica Fox said...


Nicole said...

Hi My Friend,

Your blog that I was following recently went private while I was on hiatus from blogging. If it's ok can I be invited to continue reading?


Melissa said...

I have so much to say about curly hair! You need to google Lorraine Massey, Curly Girl, and Devacurl products. Embrace the curl!