Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Goodness

Last year, I didn't get Thanksgiving. I was lounging about the bathroom floor, driving the white bus every half hour or so. My family was gone to my sister-in-law's wedding in UT. I was home alone.

So this year...well, Mr. Amazing Man tried to make me NOT do Thanksgiving because I am trying to finish up my proposal. Hahahaha. Joke is on him, right? 

And I actually did a good job at not doing it like I have in years past. No homemade rolls (gasp, I know! But Mrs. Rhodes and I had a long chat about it. She's OK with helping out this year). No piles of frog-eyed salad (gasp! How are my boys surviving? It is tough to be sure). No homemade pecan pie (Costco has a passable version). No lemon artichoke dressing. No invities (he was very firm about that one...he didn't want me killing myself off and not being able to get back to writing).

But after totally missing out last year, I had to do something. A girl like me who adores cooking as much as I do sit on the sidelines entirely this year? Whatev', husband, whatev. 

The star of the show!  A lovely tom from Avery's Branch Farms.  I have never met nor eaten a more delicious bird. We *love* their chickens and dairy so it shouldn't come as such a surprise their turkeys are equally amazing!

Mr. Amazing Man watched "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" the other night. Without me. With a bunch of other military guys. (I know, I thought it was hilarious too.) Back to the matter at hand: he liked how Bobby Flay cut the turkey. So he carved ours up the same way. Perfection.

The first time I have put a table cloth on our china-red table in...years.

Sweet giblets! This sausage pecan and cherry stuffing was crazy good. Don't ask me for a recipe. I made it up as I went. Basically, it's a regular tasty sausage dressing with some dried cherries tossed in for good measure. (The sausage came from piggies at Avery's Branch Farms. Yuuummmm. P.S. Their bacon is out of this world!!!)

Butter. Sweet, delicious, yellow butter from the lovely ladies over at Avery's Branch Farms

Sweet potatoes with GIANT marshmallows on top. Never made these before. Wow. Wow. Woooooowwww. Now I see what all the fuss is about.

Delish. Uh, can I have some more please?

Dear Bobby Flay: I knew I loved your style before today but I am wondering if you will adopt me. Sincerely, A Lover of Your Cranberry-Blackberry relish. Amen.

Roasted garlic half-mashed Parmesan potatoes. They are all mine. Stay away. (And yes, that lovely golden orb of tasty goodness is butter from Avery's Branch Farms. And no, this is not a commercial for them. I promise. They don't really know me from Adam. I just buy my milk and poultry from them).

But the best part about Thanksgiving was the company. She's all mine. Stay away.

Much love,



Desi said...

Will YOU adopt ME? That Thanksgiving spread looks amazing!

sostinkinhappy said...

LOL - sure! And this was my "off" year. I am really looking forward to really doing things up right next year! Just as long as you help Mr. Amazing Man with washing up the dishes, you are more than welcome to join us. ;)