Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

Mr. Amazing Man
The Job: We both feel very blessed to have had the chance to live together under the same roof as a family for the entire year and fortunately for both of us, we haven't tired of it yet!  I love his new job because he comes home for lunch and dinner every day and doesn't have to wear body armor to work. I think he tolerates the job for the same reason. Plus, I don't think he really minds the five minute walking commute through the woods either. (Seriously, it takes longer to get in the car, buckle up, back out the driveway, and drive there than it does to walk).

The Family: As expected, Mr. Amazing Man continues to be an equally amazing husband and father. He has really stepped up over the past four months while I have been so wretchedly sick (not that he was ever a slacker before but he has really outdone himself this time!).  He took care of all the household responsibilities while making sure I was as comfortable as possible.

School: It started off well but got derailed in the fall by my unforeseen "health issues."  Fortunately, I have been gifted with wonderful friends who keep reminding me that I have come too far to quit now and with an equally wonderful adviser who reminds me of the same thing.  Plans to graduate in May 2010 have been bumped back to May 2011, but that is alright, all things considered.  I feel pretty good about tackling comps this spring and moving forward with things.

The Family: Our little souvenir from our long-awaited and well deserved family vacation to the Outer Banks, NC last September is due to join our family in May 2010 (the primary reason for not making graduation deadlines this year).  Discovering that we were expecting was a wee bit of a surprise.  OK, you can stop laughing now. Yes, we do know what causes this and yes, at 37 (me) and 49 (Mr. Amazing Man) years of age, we are old enough to know better too.

Honestly, I was certain we were done having children – I have two beautiful, amazing, and wonderful boys that keep me busy. Captain Knuckle is nearly as tall as me and the Professor just started all-day kindergarten one week before I found out. I was supposed to graduate with my PhD on nearly the same day this baby is going to be joining our family via a planned c-section. I had given away anything and everything baby/toddler related not more than two months before. I was at peace with my life as it was and actually getting a bit excited to welcome in the next phase of my life.  I mean, I had a plan and it was a really good plan. I thought.

I planned. God laughed. At least it is a good joke though.

We were all delighted to discover last month that we are having a girl & made the easy decision to name her after both of her grandmothers.  So far, the pregnancy has been totally different than my others. I was sick pretty much from the get go and everything had me driving the proverbial "white bus." I seem to have turned a corner now with that & only have random bouts of illness (usually precipitated by riding in the car with Mr. Amazing Man - he tends to forget sometimes that he isn't in Kosovo any more, Toto). 

Captain Knuckle
School: Turned 13, is in 7th grade. Just earned the rank of Star in BSA and has all his merit badges to qualify for Life, just has to wait for the time requirement to pass.  Is still his charming, affable self. Seems to be navigating the horrors of junior high with his self-worth and integrity intact. Is getting braces on Monday so that might change.

Got his first love note. Questioned me about dating - I told him he couldn't date until he had served a mission, graduated from college, earned his SF tab, HALO jump wings and SCUBA dive bubble and then I might let him go out on a date. Just teasing. Sort of. Honestly, he was pretty relieved when I told him to tell the girl  he couldn't date until he was at least 16 and even then it was only group dates. Got in his first fight. Got his first bad grade ever but continues to do well in his core academic studies. Continues to be the most phenomenal big brother. Won't stop growing - he left for the summer wearing a size 12 and is now in a size 18/men's medium. Is starting to get past the all knees and elbows phase he was in last year as his muscles begin to fill out (something he is very proud of).  He is also exceptionally proud of the mustache and chin hairs he is starting to sprout.

The Professor
Has a vocabulary and conversational skills that are astounding for a five year old, if you can get him to talk to you.  He not only uses $5 words, but uses them correctly in context. Drove his pre-school teachers crazy because he wasn't cooperative with them. Thinks that all-day school is too long and has decided that he should stay at home with me so I am not lonely all day. Has finally warmed up to me and will snuggle with me!!!

No family update is complete without a line or two about our fantastic family cat, Hobbes. He truly is the most companionable of pets I have ever encountered.  I swear, he thinks he is a dog though - right down to the tail-wagging, fetching of toys, and running to the front door to check out who is knocking on it.  If he could figure out how to bark, he would.

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