Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The other day, I got distracted and left the butter on the counter. This is what I found when I came back.

I honestly wish I could have frozen that butter in time - the little finger swipe out of it was so perfect and told such a story. When I asked who did it (knowing full well that it was the Professor as he is the only one in the house with fingers that size), he immediately piped up and said, "It was me Mom. I just couldn't help myself and my just slipped. It was sooooooooo good."

I just love that little guy. I really do. He makes me smile every day.


etropic said...

I am literally laughing out loud as my little guy did the same exact thing a few days ago. The only other tell tale sign was the smudge of grease, lip shaped of course, left behind on the newly laundered towel hanging in the bathroom. I knew I had to ask the question though I already knew the answer. "Son what did you just do?" The answer, in a sing songy reply, "nothing mom!" You just gotta love inquisitive little boys. :-)

sostinkinhappy said...

So it's not just my boy then?

Another one of my recent favorites was the pink crayon all the way down the hallway, about 12" up. I said, "Son - did you do that?" "On no mommy. I think a crayon must have got stuck on the cat's tail and he wrote on the wall."

Gotta give him points for creativity.