Friday, August 28, 2009

Quittin' Time

My Visiting Teachers are going to be here in 45 minutes and so I did a quick "pick-me-up" of the house and pulled out the trusty Hoover. I made it through the living room, the we-aren't-sure-what-to-call-it-but-technically-it-is-a-formal-dining-room-but-it-currently-houses-Mr. Amazing Man's-computer-and-book-collection room, the entry & the hallway before this happened.

This particular Hoover has been across the country and back several times, seen me through a child and graduate school and only recently has developed the nasty habit of not turning on. So in a fit of ingenuity that only a Special Ops. soldier can muster up, Mr. Amazing Man rigged it so that it will turn on and off...but only when I plug it into the wall or unplug it from the wall. It hasn't been a problem until I sucked up my shoe lace this afternoon.

Aside from the mad dash down the hallway to unplug the Hoover and the acrid smoke hanging about my office, it isn't really a problem now either. It is more funny than anything. And as my dear sister-in-law always says, funny goes a long, long way.

I took the event to signal that I am done for the day. Even the laundry is going to have to wait because I am going to go play Lego Star Wars with the Good Professor. That beats vacuuming any day of the week.

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