Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"My mom would never do that."

It turns out The Good Professor is more like you than I ever imagined. I have the feeling that when he gets older, he is going to be the type to stack his pocket change up on his dresser. By denomination. And all facing up. Just like you. The Professor is already showing signs of this with his cars, his crayons, his socks, his stuffed animals, his books --any thing that can be lined up, straightened, or systematically sorted. If there is one thing this child loves in life, it is order, regimentation, rules.

And he is only four.

He came this way, folks. Seriously, he did.

The other day, a friend was taking him to preschool for me & they came to a corner where she made a right turn. The light was red so she stopped & then made the right turn. At that point, he muttered under his breath (but loud enough for her to hear), "That light was red. My mom would never do that. She always stops when it is red." That reminds me when the prayers are going too long for his taste at church and he starts muttering under his breath, just loud enough for us to hear, "Say amen. Say amen NOW!"

He just makes me giggle with his antics because I can just imagine you being the exact same way as a child. He even looks like a little carbon copy of you, except for the eyes. Those he got from me. Now I understand why I can get you to do just about anything. All The Good Professor has to do is look up at me with his huge brown eyes, with their long, lovely lashes and I am a goner. Every time.

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