Saturday, March 03, 2012

New Curtains for the Bedroom

I made these curtains a few weeks ago for the sliding glass doors in my bedroom that lead out to the pool. I was going to make them for the bay windows as well, but then I had the thought that it might make the room feel too much like a funeral parlor.

At any rate, I was pinspired by this:

I couldn't be as "free form" as the instructions indicated one could be - I actually measured and used a handy dandy disappearing ink pen to mark the intervals between ruffles.  I also used bleached muslin I picked up for a song at a sale a while back instead of a bedsheet. Anyhoooo,  I think they turned out rather nicely, don't you?

Now if I could just keep the cat from rolling around in the bottom layer of ruffles all would be well. Oh, and if I could magically paint my room without actually picking up a paint brush, that would be awesome, too.


Alicia said...

Seriously so cute! LOVE them. Wish I had a door leading out to a pool in MY room, but I might just have to settle for regular windows :)

DeidraRuiz said...

Cool curtains! It's unique and definitely matches the feel of your room.

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