Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Pinspired Day

No earth shattering news here, just a project I worked on this morning. I made a bunch of puffy alphabet letters for Princess P.'s birthday in a few months.

I used fabric from a charm pack of Moda's "Ruby" collection, which I simply adore beyond words. This is one of those fabric collections I would like to take out a small loan and buy five gazillion yards of it all. (I also used other fabrics from my scrap bag to make the letters A, I, M, Q, W, and Z.)

To make the letters, I used "American Typewriter" in bold face, 475 pt font. And since I am too lazy too cheap so crafty so lazy, I didn't bother printing the letters out, cutting them, then tracing them onto the fabric. I simply used a bit of ingenuity to hold them in place on my computer monitor so I could trace them directly on the fabric using a disappearing ink pen.

The light of the monitor helped A LOT on the darker fabrics. Doing it this way saved SO much time.  As you can see from the letter K, I wasn't exact in the lines. I figured I was making puffy alphabet letters for a two year old. Precision was not critical to the execution of this project.

A word about disappearing ink pens: They don't work so well on red fabric. Well, they do, the ink just disappears within 10 minutes or so. It has something to do with the dye molecules or some thing like that. And the ink sticks around longer on lighter colored fabric but will disappear within 48-72 hours depending on the humidity level in your home (see the K above). You can either be patient and wait for it to disappear, or wet it with some plain water to help it along.

I love disappearing ink pens. Some day, I would like to shake the hand of the brilliant person who invented them. I wonder if it was a happy accident like sticky notes or saran wrap or the color mauve.

But I digress.

To assemble the letters, I essentially, I followed the instructions found at this great Pinterest pin:

Not sure if I will make the basket - I think Princess P. would prefer a purse. Now I just have to find a cute pattern. Any suggestions?



ms. marginalia said...

Love this project! I cannot even use a sewing machine. I am sure Princess P will adore the letters.

sostinkinhappy said...

Thank so much. :) It was a lot of fun to make. And should you ever want, I can teach you to sew. It's actually a lot of fun.

sostinkinhappy said...

And that would be "thanks" or "thank you" so much. Sheesh.

the Lola Letters said...

Oh my, tracing from the computer screen? BRILLIANT!!!! You are one smart cookie. Plus a few.

I can't sew worth a hill of beans, but I want these so bad!!!

sostinkinhappy said...

Ha! Not so much smart as lazy. The thought of printing, cutting out 26 letters and *then* tracing them on to fabric made me feel a little queasy inside. I just dropped the middle steps and went for the big money.

This would be the perfect project to practice sewing skills on, too. Just use a less curvy font, like Arial. If you decide to make them be sure to stop by the Corn Wagon Quilt Company on 400 South in Springville (the best quilt store in the world, IMHO!) and find the cutest charm pack they have in stock. (Is it OK to admit that about half of my "vacation" fund is spent at the Corn Wagon whenever I go home to visit?)